Wednesday, May 12, 2010

India's T20 WC

To write about India's performance in the T20 World Cup, I didn't have to think much. Any time India goes into a T20 World Cup, they are the favourites. They were the favourites last time also. The reason is the abundance of talent in this country and ofcourse the million dollar Indian Premier League. But little do people understand that the IPL does not help the performance but also deteriorates. In IPL, for the cause of the audiences the pitches are made flat and run belters. Also, in the IPL the batsmen face less effective bowlers. And the bowlers bowl to less effective batsmen. Apart from the frontline Indian players, the other players are not of the international standards.

If you look at the batsmen from the different franchises, you will understand that mainly the foreign players and one or two Indian batsmen are mainly responsible for their performances. Yes sometimes a Saurabh Tiwary or Ambati Rayudu pops out. But are they of the international standards??? I mean not everyone becomes a Virender Sehwag or Mahendra Singh Dhoni. So the bulk of the responsibility's are on these players only who play for India. And the simple fact is, that they get exhausted. MSD quoted yesterday that the IPL parties took toll on them. But that is a very lame excuse. MSD is mature enough not to make these type of excuses.

The team composition this year was similar to that of last year only. Last time they faced the same issues with the same players. Problem with short balls and fast pitch. Yuvraj Singh was out of form, Gambhir out of form, Murli Vijay full of over confidence and a liability named Ravindra Jadeja. I am not talking about Yusuf Pathan, as he has never played well for the national team till date. Only Raina and Rohit Sharma was in good form. And one player India missed is Robin Uthappa. The most surprising thing to me is that Robin Uthappa has not been selected for the Zimbabwe tour also, where BCCI select almost a second tier team.

People are questioning about what can be the role for Dravid and Sachin in this team. Maybe the answer lies some 3 years back. At the time when the team was selected for the inaugural World Cup, the BCCI politely asked the seniors (Sachin, Sourav, Dravid ) to step down. And now when BCCI are pleading before Sachin to play, Sachin is rightly not playing for the world cup. In some news channel I saw people asking if Sachin is selfish. I proudly say that yes.... Sachin Tendulkar is selfish in this case. Because at a time you people became selfish and didnot want Sachin in the T20 team. Now when your back is on fire, you are going back to your old favourites. Sachin and Dravid in their whole will not play for the Indian T20 team. Because of the arrogance of BCCI, because the arrogance of MSD. And yes I mean it. The arrogance of MSD.

In every aspect of the game MSD's arrogance is being seen. Right from team selection to batting orders to execution of plans. To end this post just one thing....
M S D... Arrogance is good. But, not trying to understand the reality is the biggest threat Indian cricket is facing from the most intelligent captain India had ever had after Sourav Ganguly.



Arnab Ganguli said...

Well written Muktak Da! Very well put! But dont you think if you subtract the chapter of IPL from these players lives, they would have been in a much better position to deliver in West Indies?

Im not saying IPL is bad. but the way IPL has been crammed into the players' international schedule, its poisonous! 25th April IPL ends in India, and 30th April you expect those bunch of weared out souls to deliver, i think this is really too much to ask!

But all said and done, 3 defeats on a row - difficult to digest!!!

Keep writing!

Muktak Kanjilal said...

arnab... I am not against the IPL. but please select the right players who will be able to deliver in the right time